Version 0.3.2

Getting involved

There are many ways you can help USBSink. As you use it and test it, feel free to report bugs, request new features, and make suggestions regarding documentation. If a package is not available for your distro, request it. If it is not available in your language, you are welcome to translate it.

If you're a developer, working on new features is probably the most attractive option for you. A good part of the source code is covered by Doxygen documentation, and I would be happy to help you get into the codebase quickly. Below I have listed some short and long term things which I think should be worked on in future.


  • D-Bus interface: it will allow real desktop integration, eg a context menu in Nautilus - select files, right click, select flash drive and done
  • two way synhronization
  • add an option to execute scripts after a transfer is completed
  • token-based file synchronization without copying all files, but by storing checksums and copying just the modified ones. This would allow syncing large file systems, at least larger than the drive capacity.
  • Bluetooth and NAS support?
  • inotify-based file watcher


USBSink is written in C++, with gtkmm, HAL, D-Bus, FAM / gamin and libpcre.

As of April 2007, Subversion is used for version control. To access the SVN repository, execute the following command:

svn co .

You can of course browse it online.